• What is the difference between Standard rooms and Romantic Interlude rooms?

    The Romantic Interlude rooms are larger and feature a two person jacuzzi tub (plus separate shower).

  • What hours are you open?

    We are always open – guests may check-in 24/7.

  • What is your age requirement for check-in?


  • Do you take cash or credit cards?

    You may pay by cash, major credit card, or debit card.

  • Do you take reservations?

    Sorry but we have found over the years that allowing reservations substantially reduces the availability of rooms. We can best service our guests by operating on a walk-in basis. Rooms for refresher stays are available 24/7; for overnight stays, please call our Front Desk (212-741-2333) to check availability at any given time.

  • How many people are allowed to check into a room?

    Only two persons are allowed in each room.

  • Are visitors allowed?

    We do not permit visitors. We realize this is an unusual rule, but it is essential for operational and guest security in a hotel that permits hourly stays.

  • Do guests have to present ID at check-in?

    Yes, all guests checking in must have verifiable photo ID. This is necessary for the security of both the hotel and its guests.

  • How long do you keep your copy of my ID? Does the hotel ever share or release information about guests?

    Our copies of IDs are kept for a short period and then destroyed, except for guests who have caused damage, theft or other problems.

    All guest information, including IDs, is kept strictly confidential and never shared or released either commercially or to private individuals.

  • Is it true that guests sometimes have to wait for a room to become available?

    We have learned over the years never to say never, but most of the time there is no wait. Even during our busiest hours, the wait almost never exceeds 10 minutes.

  • Why do I see reviews by guests complaining about being called by the Front Desk before their check-out time, or having to leave deposits?

    Every guest receives a call shortly before check-out time. We do this because guests staying for only a few hours often require a wake up call to get ready and leave on time.

    Deposits are taken for much the same reason - to provide security for the hotel when guests overstay their time.

    Allowing guests to substantially overstay their time without paying for it would be totally unfair to all the other guests who do pay for the longer stay.

  • Is there an elevator?

    Unfortunately not, because of the small size of the building. Some of our rooms are on the ground floor, but for others guests do have to walk up one or two flights of stairs. But then, if you haven’t got the energy to walk up some stairs, how...?