Stay Duration
Standard Room
Romantic Interlude Room
Overnight* $200 $250
10 Hours*
Available Sun-Thurs 11pm-8am
$170 $210
Special "Refresher" Rates
2 Hours
Not available midnight-8am
$90 $110
3 Hours $100 $120
4 Hours* $135 $160
5 Hours* $145 $180
6 Hours* $155 $190

Rates include all taxes.
*subject to availability.
We accept cash payment or Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover and debit cards.

Hotel Rules and Policies

  • Sorry, we do not take reservations. Rooms available 24/7 on a walk-in basis (subject to occasional 10-30 minute wait), except as noted.
  • Verifiable photo ID is required from all guests. Guests must be 18 or older.
  • Rooms are for maximum of 2 persons. No visitors or 3rd persons.
  • Both guests must check-in together.
  • A security deposit of up to $100 may be required of any guests (at discretion of Front Desk Staff) to be retained if guests leave late, cause disturbance, or do damage/theft.
  • No refunds after guests have checked in.
  • Guests must leave room key at Front Desk when both exit the hotel during their stay.

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