From our guests

This is the best place to go! The girl at the front desk is super nice. Everything is very clean and the rooms are very well decorated. Also the mirror in the ceiling is great!!  Katherine M.

Had an amazing time!!! The room was perfectly sized, and super clean. The hourly rates are reasonably priced. There was no wait time for our room. They give you a courtesy call 20 minutes before your time is up. I will definitely come back here again!  Philly H.

I have been there many times and I love their glow in the dark rooms and mirrors on the ceiling. I always brag about the liberty inn to my friends.  Richard L.

This place is incredibly clean for an hourly motel. I would even say it's impeccably clean. I wish I know of this place earlier, what a find! Yes, it is a "love" hotel, but definitely a good one.  Natasha B.

If you're looking for a hourly hotel with reasonable rates, this is the place to go. The rooms are a bit small, but are enough to accommodate their purposes. And the décor is colorful and fun, which really sets the mood. So if you're in the area and looking for a place to host your spontaneous intimate excursions, I would recommend Liberty Inn.  KRistina M.

Ceiling and wall mirrors were awesome (I love mirrors), room was clean, lighting was perfect, and had a jacuzzi.  Shannon B.

From the media

Liberty Inn is the mother of all hourly hotels, known far and wide for its cleanliness, convenience and amenities...This is the best New York has to offer.  #1 in's Top Ten list of "Hourly Hotels in NYC"

This is one of the few hotels in Manhattan that still offers hourly rates... The cleaning staff is immaculate. Because of the high turnover, they don't take reservations  Love Hotels around the World - CNN's Morning Passport

When it comes to hotels with hourly rates, a lack of pretense can be awfully charming. The Liberty Inn is unabashedly the place to go for some afternoon delight.  Best By-the-Hour Hotel - New York Magazine's Best of New York: FUN

The hotel is impeccably clean. West-facing windows — soundproofed against West Side Highway traffic — offer unobstructed views of the Hudson River.  Catering to Romance, by the Hour - New York Times