From our guests

Came here with my boyfriend a year ago and the service here was great! If you are looking for a place to have some fun and relax for the night, I truly recommend checking out this inn in the city!  Hillary M.

I have visited Liberty Inn many times and highly recommend it to all my friends! As someone who is extremely OCD when it comes to cleanliness I can confidently say that every time I have rented a room it has been impeccably clean. The staff have always been courteous and friendly and I have never felt judged when checking in - which is so, so nice.  Ames P.

If you're looking for a place to have some romantic fun in the city, this is it. Clean rooms, and even the basic rooms are very romantic and help you get in the mood. Keep up the great work!  Eddie R.

Nice and simple. You came here to do what you need to do. Adult channels for motivation or music channels varying from 1960's to modern day hits. You can switch from romantic lights to just regular lighting!  Peter C.

Glad I have found this place. Reasonable prices. Checking in was easy and quick. Place was clean. The room itself, I liked very much, it was cozy. Lighting was perfect, and it was blue, with a painting on the ceiling, along with mirrors. The bed was comfy. Bathroom was small, but clean. There's a TV on the wall, (we used it as a radio). Great experience, do plan on returning in the near future!  Dash T.

I have been coming here since I was 18 with my boyfriend. Now we are 22 and it is one of our favorite spots! It is super clean, super comfortable and checking in is super simple. I love the mirror on the ceiling and in most of the rooms we've been in, there's a huge mirror on the wall!  Anonymous

From the media

Liberty Inn is the mother of all hourly hotels, known far and wide for its cleanliness, convenience and amenities...This is the best New York has to offer.  #1 in's Top Ten list of "Hourly Hotels in NYC"

This is one of the few hotels in Manhattan that still offers hourly rates... The cleaning staff is immaculate. Because of the high turnover, they don't take reservations  Love Hotels around the World - CNN's Morning Passport

When it comes to hotels with hourly rates, a lack of pretense can be awfully charming. The Liberty Inn is unabashedly the place to go for some afternoon delight.  Best By-the-Hour Hotel - New York Magazine's Best of New York: FUN

The hotel is impeccably clean. West-facing windows — soundproofed against West Side Highway traffic — offer unobstructed views of the Hudson River.  Catering to Romance, by the Hour - New York Times