The Liberty Inn is unique among New York City hotels, in that for almost 40 years it has provided New York City couples with a Rendezvous for Romance - rooms with a romantic flair - at an affordable price - for both short and long stays.

Our rooms are always clean, comfortable and cozy, designed with a light, colorful touch, and tastefully decorated with romantic accents and features.

Our many thousands of guests are as diverse as New York City, and most are just ordinary couples who need a private, quiet, romantic setting - and do not have any other available to them.

To be honest, we are not a true ‘luxury’ hotel - one that features expansive rooms, opulent furnishings, 500 count bed linens, etc. But that kind of luxury hotel in Manhattan charges several hundred dollars (probably $400 or more) for a stay of any duration. If you can afford that - great. Most people cannot. Our minimum is $80.

So for most couples, the Liberty’s combination of romantic rooms at an affordable price does indeed provide 5 star value and experience.

A Word about the reviews

We appreciate the many favorable comments made in most reviews of our hotel – even those whose choice of colorful language is a bit glaring!

We also realize there are going to be occasional guests who come in with an attitude or state of mind that just can’t be satisfied. Unfortunately they tend to be the quickest to write reviews – though the reviews are usually more a reflection of the reviewer than the hotel.

But in the end what counts the most is that many thousands of guests stay at the Liberty each year, and 99.9% enjoy their stay –they just don’t write reviews on the web!